Develop a Resilient Mindset

Updated: Jul 17

A resilient mindset is a set of conscious and unconscious beliefs that impact how you see yourself, how you interact with others, and how you respond in times of uncertainty.

Your mindset is literally the story you tell yourself about yourself and your life. What story are you telling yourself?

First, it helps to understand your brain and how it interprets your stories. The human brain is built to protect you from threats. It has evolved to overestimate the negative and underestimate the positive.

Breaking news! Layoffs! A free fall in our economy! Death! We’ve all been bombarded with negative messages. These things put our brains on high alert looking and scanning for more threats to pounce. It’s like a police speed trap, and you are going 120 in a school zone. Whether we realize it or not, we are priming our brain to seek out more threats, negative information, and worst-case scenarios. If your narrative involves zombies, the apocalypse, and a perpetual shortage of toilet paper, your brain defaults to the negative. You can rewrite the story.

Your story could also be one of strength. You have survived the worst things that have ever happened to you. You have lost loved ones, faced career setbacks, had your heart broken, and had your share of disappointments. Yet here you stand, stronger, smarter, and more determined than ever. You can look back with perspective and see how you’ve grown.

Our beliefs drive our behavior. If your story is negative, you will operate out of a place of fear. This will shrink your short-term memory and make it more difficult to focus and regulate emotions. Conversely, if you view this as one example of how adversity will not defeat you, you are more likely to take action.

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